Virtual Academy

Odysseyware® Academy is a fully accredited, private virtual school for grades 3-12 that leverages Odysseyware core, CTE, elective, and AP® curriculum. Odysseyware Academy has received top accreditation from AdvancED® and approval of courses by NCAA.

How it Works

Students enroll directly into Odysseyware Academy full- or part-time, at any time during the year. Students can receive their high school diploma from Odysseyware Academy, or they can have the credits transferred to their local school.

Odysseyware Academy is ideal for students looking to: 

  • Take courses for first-time credit
  • Take courses to recover credits or catch up
  • Complete courses to help them graduate early
  • Enroll in courses that their current school doesn’t offer, such as electives, world languages, and/or CTE
  • Have increased flexibility due to demanding schedules (athletics, family travel/obligations, and/or work-related conflicts)
  • Take classes from home due to medical reasons
  • Take courses over the summer

Students who participate in NCAA athletics or fine arts programs often face scheduling conflicts that make it difficult for them to participate in the traditional school day. Odysseyware Academy has rigorous core and elective options, making it ideal for students who travel or need increased flexibility. Additionally, Odysseyware Academy has courses approved by NCAA Clearinghouse, allowing prospective student athletes to maintain academic eligibility.

Students can receive their high school diploma through Odysseyware Academy

Students/parents interested in enrolling directly in Odysseyware Academy can call 888.399.4267 or click here to start the enrollment process.

Program Features

Odysseyware Academy offers 160+ core semester courses for grades 3-12 with unique content for every course, as well as AP® courses, 80+ CTE courses, and electives such as fine arts, world languages, health and physical education. All courses are available within a single platform and can be accessed across multiple devices, such as Chromebooks, tablets, and smart phones.

Odysseyware Academy offers over 160 core semester courses

District Partnerships

We partner with districts through our Academic Services to provide online courses and certified teachers to expand course offerings, address teacher shortages, and build flexible virtual programs/ schools to address a wide variety of student needs.

What Others Are Saying

The instructors are motivated to help students, not simply to complete the course but learn the content. They are very good about encouraging students who slow down or get off-task, as well as encouraging the students who are doing a great job. This keeps my students motivated as their hard work does not go unrecognized.

Emily Ostrom

Coordinator of Student Academic Programs, Troy Area School District, PA

Thank you Miss Hall for all of your help and support. You have really been a help to me and I hope to have you in future classes. You are a great teacher and you really go above and beyond to help. My assignments were greatly improved this time around and it is because of your input. 


Student, McRae, GA

Many of our students come to us with a wide variety of challenges that a brick-and-mortar school cannot effectively address. The Odysseyware Academy experience allows students from every demographic an even playing field by allowing teachers to “meet” each student where he or she is academically, tailoring instruction to meet his or her needs.

Jocelyn Condenzio-Hall

Virtual Teacher, DeLand, FL