College & Career Readiness

Leading Students to Self-Discovery

Self-discovery is a journey that is different for everyone but an important one.  Discovering ones’ unique skills, talents, and interests is the path that intrinsically motivates students to find their success in school, college, career, and life. When students make a connection with school to work, they are more engaged, empowered, and feel like a valued part of the community.

At Odysseyware, we have created tools that allow students to explore career interests, build upon their strengths, apply those newly discovered skills, and find purpose.  Giving students the ability to be their best selves is the greatest way to foster self-confidence and a sense of belonging, which is the value that all students need at this critical stage of their lives.

Charnel Smith, CCTE Advisor, Shelby County Schools, Memphis, TN


We offer several courses designed to provide students exposure to career options and planning in middle school and early high school. This is an opportune time to introduce career development skills so students have an idea of their interests and abilities as they determine their plans for post-graduation. In addition to three levels of Career Exploration Courses, schools can access courses in Keyboarding and Principles of Coding.


With over 80 CTE courses aligned to each of the 16 national career clusters, Odysseyware® curriculum prepares students for postsecondary success in a variety of fields.  Courses can be delivered fully online or as a part of a blended learning model to supplement a district’s existing CTE program. Providing online CTE courses also enables students who are not part of a traditional CTE program a way to explore career options.

“Our students really enjoy all the choices they have in the Career and Technical Education courses. They can find a class similar to the job they want to pursue after graduating from high school. This allows them to become more college and career ready than ever before.”

- Ken Hopkins, Head Teacher, Rockcastle Academy, KY


Equip your students with the necessary workplace skills required of an internship experience through our custom internship preparatory course.  Districts work with Odysseyware consultants to choose from a large variety of workplace topics and lessons to create their own Internship course, utilizing core, elective, and CTE content from Odysseyware. The Custom Internship Preparatory course from Odysseyware helps to ensure that business partners receive high-quality interns and supports the districts need to meet their career readiness standards.  

“My students who have completed this course will walk away having explored more than just using electronic devices for social media. These are life skills that will be helpful in their internship and their life, whether they go to college or straight into the workforce.”

- Phyllis (Shelley) Wylie, Skyline High School Dallas Independent School District

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Districts that are not associated with organizations offering internship opportunities, but want to enhance the connection between school and work, can offer the Workplace Readiness Course which is developed in partnership with districts and Odysseyware consultants.  Courses help guide students through a variety of skills such as how to write a resume, prepare for an interview, effective communication skills, and workplace etiquette.  Districts have the opportunity to start with a set of courses and customize lessons to meet their career readiness standards. 

Civic Responsibility

Support your students to acquire personal health and wellness through a revolutionary social-emotional solution called BASE Education.  Through a variety of courses available, students will develop healthy ways to interact with others, build connections, and implement effective communication approaches. Students will also learn about positive character traits such as empathy, honesty, integrity, accountability, and respect.

Social Emotional Solution
Odysseyware Curriculum


Odysseyware® offers an extensive library of enriched online curriculum appropriate for grades 3-12 that helps prepare students for college and career. With more than 300 standards-aligned courses and instructional materials in core subjects, enriching electives, CTE courses, and test prep, courses provide teachers the ability to customize and integrate cross-curriculum content and their assessments.  Schools also have the ability to embed district-approved content as well.  Content covers a broad range of topics including foreign language, engineering, economics, health, physical education, and an extensive set of AP courses.