Credit Recovery

Increase graduation rates and improve student outcomes leveraging flexible, online courses from Odysseyware®.

Credit Recovery Features

Educators can give students the ability to earn credits for failed or incomplete courses without having to repeat the entire course, enabling students to complete the work at their own pace and focus on just the concepts they have not yet mastered.

Credit Recovery (CRx) Mode

When Odysseyware curriculum is used in Credit Recovery (CRx) Mode, students are assigned a pre-test at the beginning of each unit to determine if they are already competent in concepts addressed in the unit. If the student achieves a score at or above the predetermined CRx Pass Threshold, the program automatically skips the rest of the unit and the student takes the pretest for the following unit. If not, the system assigns the lessons within the unit to the student.
CRx Mode auto assigns pre-test to determine concept competency

Flex CRx Mode

Using Flex CRx Mode, a student who fails the unit pre-test but shows mastery of certain concepts will be able to skip those lessons in the unit. The software automatically creates a custom learning path that assigns only the specific lessons within that unit that contains content the pre-test assessed as needing remediation. The teacher then has the ability to further customize each student’s learning path.
Flex CRx Mode automatically creates a custom learning path that contains content the pre-test assessed as needing remediation

Flex Assessments

The Flex Assessment feature automatically removes the assessment questions for the lessons skipped in Flex CRx mode, as well as adjusts to match any changes made by the teacher to the lesson sequence.

Scaffolded Instructional Supports

Students have a variety of embedded instructional supports at their fingertips in every lesson, including literacy, fluency, and audio scaffolds. They also receive immediate feedback throughout lessons and assessments to guide their learning.


All courses are fully customizable, so instructors can rearrange/remove content, add lessons from another Odysseyware course, and/or add their own unique web-based content.

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Additional Highlights

Additional benefits of using Odysseyware to fuel your dropout prevention strategy and reach your at-risk/struggling students include:

Odysseyware curriculum can be administered with in-district teachers or with our certified teachers.

Districts have the option to leverage our state-certified, highly qualified teachers when purchasing Odysseyware courses

Success In Credit Recovery Programs

Graduation rate increased 404% and Dropout rate decreased 72% in 3 years

Moreno Valley, CA

26% Increase in graduation rate. Now exceeds state average.

Thomasville, GA

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The Creative Educators’ Guide to Reaching Every Student, featuring Q&A with Kay Davenport, president of the National Alternative Education Association, on what makes a successful credit recovery program.

The Creative Educators' Guide to Reaching Every Student

 The Odysseyware implementation is fostering a level of learning where students are learning to work and retain the materials, creating educational growth for the student and our school.

Earl Post

Credit Recovery Facilitator, Braden River High School, FL