Competency Learning

Students progress forward once they’ve demonstrated mastery

Student Achievement Levels Rise When Students are the Drivers of Their Learning

Online digital curriculum from Odysseyware® provides the key elements schools and districts need to support a competency-based learning program. Educators are able to meet the needs of all students with personalized learning paths that allow them to guide instruction, while students are able to steer elements of their learning, including pace and place. Students progress forward once they’ve demonstrated success, allowing them to spend more time on concepts and skills they find more challenging. When students can set goals for themselves and review their progress, engagement and achievement levels rise!

Odysseyware® Provides the Key Elements For Personalized Learning 

Through teacher-facilitated instruction, builtin assessments and reporting, and flexible and customizable curriculum, Odysseyware® allows students to demonstrate mastery and move on when ready. When Odysseyware courses are used in Flex CRx mode, students begin with a pre-test at the beginning of each unit to determine if they are already competent in concepts addressed in the unit. Based on their mastery and performance, individualized learning paths are created specifically for areas of need.

CRx Mode
Odysseyware Admin and Teacher Dashboard

Teacher and Administrator Dashboard Enables Educators to Accelerate student learning 

With the dashboard view, students’ progress is presented in a visual format so that educators can address individual needs more efficiently and help accelerate their learning. A unique drill-down feature shows data by campus, by class, by student, and by assignment. When in the student view, the dashboard provides at-a-glance information on individual student performance, time on task, and pacing.

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Effortless Navigation

Odysseyware provides a single platform for effortless navigation and ease-of-use, so educators won’t have to install, combine, or learn a bunch of programs, interfaces, or logins. Teachers and administrators can also customize courses to alter the sequence, insert lessons or projects from other Odysseyware courses, or create and incorporate teacher or district-authored content.

Lessons, projects, and entire courses are searchable by topic or standards

Develop and Customize Your Competency-Based Learning Program with Odysseyware Professional Learning Services

The Professional Learning Services team works side-by-side with districts to help develop and customize their personalized learning program. This includes one-on-one implementation planning with all key stakeholders to ensure the program is best aligned to the unique needs of the district. During implementation, the Professional Learning Services team delivers professional development, training, and services continually, to drive program success and ensure personalized learning for every student.

Competency-Based Learning

How to Implement a Personalized, Competency-Based Learning Program