Blended Learning

Whether a classroom is using a flex model, station rotation, lab rotation, or other model, the lessons, activities, resources, and features within Odysseyware® software fully support a wide variety of implementations.

Program Features

Odysseyware® software has several features that are especially useful in enabling teachers to use aligned digital curriculum in a classroom environment, and for students to take control of the pace and place of their learning.

Teachers have the ability to:

  • Search by standards or lesson topics and assign content to an individual student, group of students, or the entire class.
  • Customize the scope and sequence of any course to match class as well as district scope and sequence.
  • Access all of the Odysseyware digital lessons and projects–across all grade levels and subject areas–and include topics from across various courses, such as career technical education or electives.
  • Create their own lessons within the Odysseyware system using the Authoring Tool, empowering teachers to create a lesson, project, quiz–or even an entire course. Options are limitless, and can include integrations of videos from various sources, presentations, web links, and much more.
Teacher dashboard allows easy access to digital lessons

Students have the ability to:

  • Choose the place of learning. With 100% HTML5 content, Odysseyware software can be accessed with any web-enabled device, anytime of the day.
  • Choose the order in which they work on assignments, giving them control over some elements of their learning pace.
  • Access a wide range of embedded instructional supports as they work through the content, including text-to-speech read alouds and translations in 23 languages.
Students can choose place and pace of learning

Curriculum Library

In addition to over 300 Odysseyware courses across grades 3-12 that can be used in blended learning environments, Odysseyware also offers a content library designed specifically for use within math and English Language Arts courses.

Included with the Odysseyware subscription, the Blended Learning Library contains over 764 digital Math and English Language Arts lessons consisting of: a direct instruction video or animation; examples and explanations; and independent practice items.

Blended Learning library lessons with videos, examples and practice items

Professional Development

Odysseyware offers a multi-level, phased set of workshops and service offerings designed to help implement and enhance district initiatives, anchored by the proprietary planning guide, The Blended Way. An Odysseyware consultant will work with districts to build a solid foundation and ensure they have the tools and support needed to do it well. This series of workshops and customizable services package includes five key phases.

In addition to the in-person, virtual, and custom professional development and services that Odysseyware offers to support all implementations, The Art of Digital Teaching– a self-paced, online professional development course for teachers– was purpose-built for supporting teachers in blended and online learning initiatives.

The course:

  • Gives teachers critical supports to effectively align in-person and online instruction, including real-life applications of digital teaching strategies.
  • Informs teachers about how to best facilitate students’ online learning.
  • Shares best practices and common pitfalls to avoid via a variety of interactive lessons, projects, and assessments.
  • Culminates with a digital teaching portfolio with reflections.

"The Art of Digital Teaching came along at the right time to fulfill a need in our district for shared vision and common language. The course was well received because it was relevant and well planned."

- Manami Tezuka, Supervisor of Library Media Services, Syracuse County School District, NY

Available Now

ClassPace, a new solution that empowers teachers to create class-level learning playlists and align in-person and digital instruction, will be available early 2018. Unlike other solutions where the computer dictates students’ learning paths, ClassPace will enable the teacher to align in-person instruction with digital instruction and more effectively facilitate multiple implementation models.

Teachers can align in-person and digital instruction

Program Success

Case study for Marble Falls, TX

Marble Falls, TX

Case study for Bauxite, AR

Bauxite, AR

Case study for Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ

What others are saying

What my students like as compared to other programs is they feel they have more control over their progress in Odysseyware and can easily go back and review material. One of the best things is seeing the students I’ve worked with graduating.

Ray Yody, Media Director

Cook High School, GA