Custom Workshops & Services

The Blended Way

Odysseyware® offers a multi-level, phased set of workshops and service offerings designed to help implement and enhance blended learning initiatives, anchored by the proprietary planning guide, The Blended Way. An Odysseyware consultant works with districts to build a solid foundation and ensure they have the tools and support needed to implement blended learning effectively. The Blended Way series of workshops and customizable services package includes five key phases:

  • Determine school readiness to implement blended learning
  • Build your blended learning team
  • Identify and recruit teachers
  • Create SMART goals
  • Establish the overall vision to inform the direction of the blended learning program
  • Develop policies, procedures, and best practices

Custom Course Development

Odysseyware consultants work with districts to build a variety of custom courses. Based on a needs assessment, a consultant provides support to district staff in developing a unique course outline and curriculum for their custom course. Once completed, the course is housed within the Odysseyware learning platform and students can log in to take the course as they would any other Odysseyware course. The length, cost to develop, and curriculum covered are based on the needs assessment consultation with the district personnel.

A popular option for custom course development is the creation of an internship course to help students prepare for internships, jobs, and careers. This course can include a wide variety of skills based on local industries and can include content from the Odysseyware course library, district-authored custom content, and any other district-provided resources desired. Some of the most popular lessons included have been: 

  • Videos demonstrating key skills such as interviewing
  • Effective communications
  • Decision making
  • Active listening
  • Desirable workplace skills, habits, and attitudes
  • Perception and communication
Custom Course Development
Pamela B. Lopez uses Odysseyware to prepare CTE students for internships

Needing online curriculum and a learning platform to prepare CTE students for summer 5-week internships, we turned to Odysseyware services and are glad we did!

Pamela B. Lopez

Curriculum Support Specialist, Miami-Dade Public Schools, FL