Alternative Program offerings include summer school, Career Technical Education (CTE), test preparation courses, and credit recovery that enable students to graduate with their peers.

Osage High School


Barriers to success for students in the traditional classroom setting include life circumstances that can prevent regular attendance and impact focus during school hours and decreased confidence from lack of success. Additionally, keeping students engaged with coursework and material has proven to be an obstacle.  These challenges stem from individual responses: some students need to work at an individualized pace, some need a hybrid arrangement where they can attend in-person electives combined with lab-based core requirement work and others require credit recovery to fulfill their graduation requirements.

New Initiatives

Osage High School’s Alternative Program implemented full-time use of Odysseyware in the fall of 2015.  Mr. Charlie Gordon, who has been an educator for seven years, is the Instructor of the Alternative Program.  He oversees credit remediation for students along with 5 other teachers. Based on the curriculum rigor in Odysseyware, educators are secure knowing their credit recovery and alternative program students are earning credits aligned with district standards. The customization options allow educators to manage time more efficiently, as they can add or remove topics for each learner as needed. Students can work independently and at their own pace, and can even graduate having used Odysseyware exclusively.


With electives including health and driver’s education as well as credit recovery and ACT test prep, Osage’s summer school program takes place over two, 9-day long sessions. Up to 30 students can work toward earning .5 credit per session in credit recovery. Osage High School has a full site license where up to 40 kids can enroll in ACT test prep. Nearly 50 students who did not score well in math are working toward math remediation. In this case, Odysseyware is being used specifically to improve algebra skills.


COOPERATIVE PARTNERSHIP: Osage High School participates in a cooperative partnership with nearby Lake Career and Technical Center in Camdenton, MO. This partnership enables students to attend LCTC to fulfill CTE elective requirements in the morning and earn credits via Odysseyware at Osage High School Alternative Program in the afternoon.

Alternative Programs

Students can work at their own level, and on customized schedules. Some students work in the classroom computer lab for a full 8-hour school day, while others participate in a hybrid program that includes traditional classroom learning as well as lab time. The alternative program and summer school also offer electives including fine arts, health, and driver’s education. The availability of these offerings is a direct result of Odysseyware.


Providing a variety of options to suit the different learning styles of students has led to success for The Alternative Program at Osage High School. In some cases, when students are unsuccessful in the traditional classroom they also believed they won’t be successful in an electronic curriculum.  Alternative Program students found success in Odysseyware and were able to build their confidence.  Flexible scheduling provided students with new options for completing coursework: in a lab, in the classroom, at home, or some combination of these.

School of the Osage

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  • 1,990 students | 4 schools
  • 52.6% economically disadvantaged
  • 30% students enrolled in elective or CTE course

Osage Beach, MO