Dr. Tammy Guzzetta, principal of Moreno Valley Online Academy, works closely with a team of five instructors and students’ parents to ensure students meet necessary requirements to stay on track for graduation.

Moreno Valley Online Academy


Students from grades 9 through 12 participate in MVOA and their parents are heavily involved.  Some students enter the program looking to avoid situations involving bullying, while others are working through anxiety or other health issues. Participation in athletics, and other extra-curricular activities provide motivation and successfully balance academics in this program.  Middle and high school groups include English Language Learners (ELL) and students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). MVOA also serves Graduation Opportunity (GO), which provides a path to graduation for credit deficient students, and adult education students seeking a high school diploma.

Credit Recovery

Graduation Opportunity (GO): GO provides a solution in the form of credit recovery for juniors and seniors, paving a clear path to graduation. Most students come into this program with 100 or fewer credits, in a district that requires 225 credits for graduation.  Today, 63% of students graduate with their peers.


For scheduling reasons, some students apply to participate in the online program. “If they pay attention, stick to [their required work], and don’t fall behind, they can graduate early,” says Dr. Guzzetta. “With a 3.0 GPA, they can go, as a junior, to the community college. Odysseyware opens all of that up.” The one-on-one attention in the lab is instrumental in keeping these students on track for graduation.

Alternative Programs

Adult Education: The online adult education program, also headed by Dr. Guzzetta, provides Odysseyware during morning and evening hours to adult students earning their High School diploma.  GED® classes offered in the evening utilize test prep features in Odysseyware to help students pass the 4 tests required to earn the GED. The Credit Recovery program requires in-person attendance once per week, while the rest of the work may be completed remotely. 

Middle School

The schedule includes a 30-minute daily session each morning for parents who have questions or would like to meet with the lab instructor in person. Odysseyware provides middle schoolers with an opportunity to focus, while their individual circumstances may not allow for this in a traditional classroom.


Since implementing Odysseyware, MVOA has seen a substantial improvement in its graduation rate for credit deficient students, as well as a sizeable decrease in its dropout rate. College Bound: 2015/16: 4 students accepted to 4-year university 2016/17: 6 students accepted to 4-year university.

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