Plagiarism Definition:

  • The act of presenting the literary or academic work of another as your own (including ideas, thoughts, direct quotes, reports, essays, research papers, projects, publications, articles, etc).
  • The act of intentionally or unintentionally copying and pasting literary or academic work from another source or reference material without properly citing the source as a reference (including journals, newspaper articles, internet sources, magazines, etc).
  • The act or attempt of re-using your own work that may have been previously submitted for another assignment or course. Exceptions will be made with the instructor's preapproval.

Plagiarism Consequences

Cheating Definition:

  • The act of giving or receiving answers on assessments including lessons, projects, quizzes, tests, or final exams.
  • The act of allowing someone else to complete a quiz or test on your behalf in courses that you are enrolled.
  • The act of seeking or providing (publishing) Odysseyware Academy curriculum content, questions, or answers to internet sources or answer banks.
  • The act of using materials during closed book assessments (including lessons, notes, the internet, text books, etc.).
  • The act of copying answers that have been previously submitted by another student or resource.
  • The act of working with another student to complete an assessment (including working side by side, accessing another's work by logging in as them, or printing completed materials to share).

Cheating Consequences

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