Educator Impact Awards 2019

Teachers make the biggest difference in the lives of a child or young adult every single day, and this is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate them.

Self-discovery is a journey that is different for everyone, but an important one. Discovering ones' unique skills, talents, and interests is the path that intrinsically motivates students to find their success in school, college, career, and life. With Odysseyware®, teachers are helping students dream big and never give up!

The  Odysseyware  Educator Impact Award  honors educators using Odysseyware in unique and beneficial ways to inspire students to find their path and purpose – and  reach their greatest potential. We recognize that the passion, dedication, and enthusiasm shown by an educator is contagious and impactful.

We always remember the teachers that changed our lives for the better, and we invite you to share your story, or nominate a colleague to share theirs.

To begin the nomination process for yourself or a colleague, click on one of the buttons below to get access to the Odysseyware Educator Impact Awards Nomination Packet.

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We want to recognize outstanding educators using Odysseyware in the following categories

Blended/Flipped Classroom Teacher

A teacher who combines the best of face-to-face instruction, typically in a supervised brick-and-mortar classroom, with Odysseyware digital course and content resources. This may also include a teacher who utilizes Odysseyware in an education program in which students participate in online learning off-site in place of traditional homework, and then attend the brick-and-mortar school for face-to-face, teacher-guided practice or projects. Some element of student control over time, path, and/or pace is also part of the implementation.

Career & Technical Education Teacher

A teacher who utilizes the CTE courses from Odysseyware in a Career and Technical Education program focused on providing students with the skills and knowledge necessary to enter an occupation or prepare for further career development options. This can include a Workforce Readiness and/or Internship Preparatory course.

Competency / Mastery Learning Teacher

A teacher who utilizes Odysseyware in an education program that is designed to ensure students demonstrate proficiency or mastery and receive timely and differentiated support to ensure equity of access to learning opportunities. The program uses personalized learning that is flexible and can be tailored to enable students to steer elements of their learning, including pace and place. The umbrella of competency learning encompasses competency-based learning, mastery-based learning, proficiency-based learning, and performance-based learning.

Alternative Education Teacher

A teacher who utilizes Odysseyware and who works with students for whom the traditional classroom environment is not ideal, whether it’s due to demanding schedules, family obligations, or other circumstances that affect their ability to achieve success during the school day, or within a traditional classroom setting.

Odysseyware® + NWEATM Teacher

An Odysseyware® + NWEATM teacher is a data guru and Individual Learning Path (ILP) champion who leverages NWEA™ MAP® Growth data within Odysseyware to provide deeper insights to take the individualized learning experience of Odysseyware even further for students on, above, or below grade level.

Virtual Instruction Teacher

A teacher who leverages Odysseyware to teach students and manage student learning remotely.

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2019 Keynote Speaker Tom Murray
2019 Keynote Speaker Tom Murray

2019 Keynote Speaker Tom Murray!

"2018 National/Global EdTech Leader of the Year,” by EdTech Digest

Odysseyware Awards Prizes

Nominee Awards

The thirty (30) finalists (five (5) nominees from six (6) different categories) will be recognized at the Odysseyware Educator Impact Award reception taking place at Moshulu (the one and only restaurant venue on a Tall Ship today in the world) on June 24, 2019, 6-10 PM EST. during the week of ISTE conference (International Society for Technology in Education). (Please note, ISTE attendance in not required for award to be received.)

Odysseyware award reception at Moshulu
Odysseyware Award First Place

*Devices not included.

First Place

(1 for each of the 6 categories)

  1. Mobile Connect30 cart for the teacher’s school – from Spectrum Industries, Inc.
  2. Teacher/Administrator’s Choice from one of the following options:
    • (2) site licenses of ClassPace and 1-day Face-to-Face Professional Development – administrator’s pick of two schools
    • (50) additional Odysseyware licenses – to add to account’s existing licenses
    • (1) ClassPace school license and 1-day Face-to-Face Professional Development + (20) additional licenses of Odysseyware
  3. $575 stipend for teacher toward ISTE conference travel or attendance
  4. Chromebook for the teacher

Top 4 Runners-Up Awards

(4 for each of the 6 categories)

  • Recognized at the Odysseyware Educator Impact Award reception,
  • Chromebook for the teacher
  • Featured on the Odysseyware website, and
  • A gift of appreciation from Odysseyware
Odysseyware Awards Top 4 Runners-Up