Instructional Supports

Supports to Foster Student Growth

As a foundational scaffold, the Odysseyware® curriculum is designed with a consistent design principle of integrating both text and media elements into lessons throughout the courses to help students achieve success. A variety of instructional strategies are embedded throughout the lesson content, guided and independent practices, quizzes and assessments. Instructional support tools available in each lesson include:

Direct Instruction Videos: provide step-by-step guidance to assist students in the conceptual understanding of key skills, impart background knowledge, place concepts into real-world context, and allow students to learn at their own pace.

Vocabulary/Reference: definitions and correct pronunciation of key academic vocabulary are provided. Students can look up background information and context about any words or phrases.

Definitions and correct pronounciation of key vocabulary

Translation Tool: any selected words or phrases included in the lessons can be translated into 23 languages with audio support.

Any word or phrase can be translated to 23 languages

Text-to-Speech Audio Supports: six different voice readers are available at six fluency rates. Students can follow along with automated highlighting and tracking of words as they are read.

Six different voice readers are available

Teacher and Student Notes: students can take notes within the context of the lesson, adding interactive color-coded sticky notes, promoting informal writing and annotating text. Teacher notes can be added as additional scaffolds. Notes can also be printed and used as study guide.

Color coded notes available for students and teachers

Message Tool: students can virtually raise their hand and communicate with their teacher using the message tool at any time as well as the “Ask for help” tool embedded within assessments.

Students can virtually communicate with teachers

Video Transcript: a text transcript is available for embedded instructional videos, which can be translated using the Translation Tool.

Text transcript available for embedded instructional videos

Writing Supports

The Writer is a powerful tool to improve student writing by offering targeted feedback at key stages in the writing process. This feedback encourages student practice and revision to achieve writing success. The Writer Scoring Matrix provides continuous evaluation of word count, grade level, readability, and topic agreement as learners proceed through all aspects of the writing process. The Writer tool applies six proven writing analysis indices for accurate scoring and provides instant scoring and feedback on topic consistency, grammar, spelling, and word count.
Writer tool improves student's writing by providing feedback
Graduation rates have gradually increased

English Language Learners

With our exclusive text and audio translations available through the translate tool, students who are newcomers or are not literate in their native languages have access to translations in 23 languages and the audio scaffolding they need to comprehend the content.

Students are also supported by visual aids, which help ELLs understand meaning and make connections. Recurring elements on the page layout of each lesson are designed to scaffold each student’s experience. These elements feature important quotes, tell brief stories, highlight events, introduce people or characters, present information in charts or graphics and demonstrate key principles. Content is also organized around a key concept, theme, or topic to create structure in learning. Material is scaffolded to support students in accessing prior knowledge. 

Special Education

Additional supports for SPED students include the ability for teachers to personalize the weights and thresholds for each of the courses, aligning to the specific needs and IEPs for individual students. Teachers can also determine levels of mastery, number of attempts, and whether they want students to “unlock” quizzes or tests based on student performance.
Ability to personlize weights and thresholds for each course


United ISD improved its graduation rate from 82.5% in 2008 to 94.1% in 2016

Thomasville, GA

Graduation rate increased 404% and Dropout rate decreased 72% in 3 years

Moreno Valley, CA

What others are saying

Odysseyware has opened up opportunities for my students and shifted their mindsets about personal responsibility. We are aiming to be the first high school in Maryvale to receive an A rating from the state, and I believe we are well on our way.

Tara Moore

College Counselor, Western School of Science & Technology, AZ