Dashboard & Reporting

Odysseyware® Dashboard for Teachers and Adminstrators

The Odysseyware Dashboard provides visual reports of student progress for individuals as well as a comprehensive view of all students assigned to the teacher, enabling educators to quickly identify which students are at-risk. 

Provides visual reports of student progress

A unique drill-down feature shows data by campus, by class, by student, and by assignment.

Student View

Shows data by student

Class View

Shows data by class

When in the student view, the dashboard provides at-a-glance information on individual student performance, time on task, and pacing.

At glance information on individual student performance



Time On Task

Time on task



From the dashboard, teachers have one-click access to the Odysseyware gradebook for additional information.

One click access to gradebook
Odysseyware Gradebook One-Click Access

Real-Time Reports

In addition to the dashboard, teachers and administrators have access to a robust set of reports to help gain insight into individual and group activity and progress. These reports provide valuable information for educators to make decisions regarding course or program modifications.
Access to robust set of reports
Detailed Student Grading Report
Odysseyware Student Daily Breakdown Report

Student Agency

Students can monitor their own progress through the student progress report, as well as current score and progress within a course. Students can also drill into more granular data by reviewing sections of content and their performance on individual quiz questions to help study for summative and formative assessments, giving students control over their learning.
Students can monitor their own progress through student progress report
Students can monitor their own progress through student progress report
What others are saying

I think the program is very effective based on the numbers. The management aspect of Odysseyware is great. Reports are easy to produce, enrollment of students and courses is easy to accomplish and grades and course progress are easy to track.

Jill Key

Graduation Coach, Fannin County High School, GA

We have been using Odysseyware since 2010. The program is by far the easiest online program to administer, and we had tried a few! The interface is easy for new teachers to navigate, and administrators, teachers and students are all very impressed.

Tracy Gruber

Teacher, Phoenix High School, AZ