Customization at scale

The ability to differentiate the learning experience for each student is a foundational principle of the Odysseyware® instructional design. Teachers and administrators can easily customize course content and instructional sequence to align with state, district, or school scope and sequence design, fill gaps, expand learning opportunities, and address individual learning needs. Customization options include:

Alignment to Scope and Sequence

With the drag-and-drop course customization feature, educators can adjust the instructional sequence of any course as well as resequence or delete individual lessons, projects, or quizzes that are contained in each unit.

Adjust instructional sequence of any course

Cross-Curricular Learning Opportunities

Content from our over 80 CTE courses–and other foundational or college and career prep content–can be incorporated into any course to help:

  • Reinforce concepts
  • Provide additional engagement with interesting content
  • Accelerate learning and key college and career prep skill development
  • Integrate real world learning experiences

Individual lessons and projects, as well as entire units, are searchable by topic or standards and can be easily inserted into the new custom course.

Lessons, projects, and entire courses are searchable by topic or standards

Teacher Authoring Tool

Educators can insert teacher- or district-created lessons, activities, projects, and quizzes to enhance existing Odysseyware courses or create entirely new custom courses. Featuring a drag-and-drop functionality, the Authoring Tool allows educators to embed a rich variety of content into lessons such as videos, animations, text, and learning games and activities.

Insert teacher or district created lessons, activities, and quizzes

Prescriptive Learning Paths

When Odysseyware curriculum is used in Credit Recovery (CRx) Mode, students are assigned a pre-test at the beginning of each unit to determine if they are already competent in concepts addressed in the unit. If the student achieves a score at or above the predetermined CRx Pass Threshold, the program automatically skips the rest of the unit and the student takes the pretest for the following unit. If not, the system assigns the lessons within the unit to the student. Flex CRx Mode enables teachers to further customize these learning paths, adding, removing, and/or resequencing content as described above.

Flex CRx Mode

Flex CRx Mode automatically creates a custom learning path that contains content the pre-test assessed as needing remediation

Flex Assessments

When a course has Flex Assessments, tests and quizzes automatically adjust to match any changes to the lesson sequence, prescriptive learning path, and content of a custom course or lesson, so educators know students are always getting relevant and appropriate test questions.

Tests and quizes automatically adjust to match any changes to lesson sequences

Individual Course Levels

Teachers and administrators can choose the Odysseyware default course settings or set custom settings such as lesson and quiz pass thresholds, maximum number of lesson attempts, individual lesson weighting, lesson and unit completion dates. This can be done at the individual student level so educators can align to a variety of student needs, including those in Special Education with IEPs.

What others are saying

The fact that Odysseyware has such robust customization features enables us to use the program in a large variety of ways.

Judith Garcia

Director of Curriculum & Instruction Technology, United ISD, TX

Being able to create courses and use customized curriculum has made a positive impact to personalize coursework for students.

Charlie Gordon

Alternative Program Instructor, Osage High School, MO

We were impressed by the dynamic features in Odysseyware, including the science videos and many interactive elements. We were also drawn to the flexibility of the program which allows our teachers to customize lessons for individual students.

Chess Long

Principal, Mable Falls Career High School, TX