Twentieth Century American History

Twentieth Century American History is a history elective for high school students interested in examining American history during a century of change, continuity, and conflicts.

Students will examine America's economic, political, governmental, cultural, and technological growing pains during the twentieth century. They will also consider the causes and effects of national and international cooperation, competition, andconflict.

In attaining these goals, students will develop insight and perspective on the themes and patterns of history and a greater understanding of today's world.

  • Unit 1: Students will examine the major economic, political, and social changes of the 1800s including: The Industrial Revolution, urbanization, and immigration.
  • Unit 2: Students will explore the effects of the late 1800s by looking at all aspects of Progressivism.
  • Unit 3: Students will study issues that occurred after World War I, including the Russian Revolution, the Red Scare, and the three presidents following Woodrow Wilson.
  • Unit 4: Students will obtain knowledge on World War II, the Cold War, Eisenhower, and post-war American society.
  • Unit 5: Students will identify the Civil Rights Movement, the rise of conservatism, post-Cold War foreign policy, and the economic and social issues facing contemporary America.

State: National
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Category: History & Social Sciences
Course Length: Semester