Software Development Tools

This course introduces students to the variety of careers related to programming and software development. Students will gather and analyze customer software needs and requirements, learn core principles of programming, develop software specifications, and use appropriate reference tools to evaluate new and emerging software. Students will produce IT-based strategies and a project plan to solve specific problems and define and analyze system and software requirements.


  • Understand the development of the computer.
  • Be able to describe the organization of the Central Processing Unit.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of widely used software applications (e.g., word processing, database management, spreadsheet development).
  • Identity three levels of programming languages.
  • Identity execution differences between interpreted, translated, and compiled languages.
  • Describe how computers address data in memory.
  • Design structures, classes, and objects that include variables and methods.
  • Summarize how data is organized in software development.
  • Understand the standard primitive types and operations of the java programming language.
  • Define and initialize Java arrays.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the basics of structured, object-oriented language.
  • Write software applications using while, do while, for, for-each loops. 
  • Define logic statements using if, else if, else and switch statements.
  • Develop an application using conditional statements.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of key constructs and commands specific to a language.
  • Develop an application that responds to user input.
  • Develop a web application that responds to user input.

State: National
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Category: Information Technology
Course Length: Semester