Social Studies 6

02660060 TX

Social Studies 6 focuses on broad themes in geography, culture, technology, history, government, and economics. The student will learn about the geography of the world, the various cultures represented across the globe, and the influence of technology and art on people and places. Lessons will also cover important government and economic concepts.

After completing the course, students should be able to answer a variety of social studies questions and demonstrate a number of social studies skills.

Student objectives:

  • Answer the question "What is geography?"

  • Understand how regions differ due to geography and human interaction

  • Locate various continents and countries on maps and globes

  • Answer the question "What is culture?"

  • Recognize the importance of art, scientific discovery, and human innovation

  • Answer the question "What is government?"

  • Recognize various types of governments

  • Provide examples of political participation

  • Answer the question "What is the economy?"

  • Understand the government's role in the economy

  • Recognize various types of economies

  • Demonstrate grade-level-appropriate critical thinking and the mechanics of good writing

  • Demonstrate a variety of important social studies skills, including the appropriate use of terms and using problem-solving to evaluate and gather information

Additionally, students will gain practice in report-writing, covering topics like geography, government, and the economy.

State: Texas
Grade Level: 6
Category: History & Social Sciences
Course Length: Year