Mathematics 400

Math 400 is a full-year elementary math course focusing on number skills and mathematical literacy. In it, students will gain solid experience with number theory and operations, including decimals and fractions. This course also integrates geometric concepts and skills throughout the units, teaches measurement skills, and introduces students to statistical concepts.

  • Unit 1: Use place value, fact families, and number patterns
  • Unit 2: Use knowledge of patterns and operations to round and estimate
  • Unit 3: Identify whole numbers and compare fractions
  • Unit 4: Identify the qualities of shapes and angles, and review various concepts
  • Unit 5: Use strategies for division and multiplication, and use units of measurement for capacity, weight, and length
  • Unit 6: Use multiplication strategies and fractions to solve problems
  • Unit 7: Use patterns to add, subtract, compare, and convert fractions
  • Unit 8: Use division strategies and fractions to solve problems
  • Unit 9: Read, write, and compare decimals and fractions
  • Unit 10: Collect and interpret data using different types of graphs, and review various concepts

State: National
Grade Level: 4
Category: Math
Course Length: Year