Introduction to Careers in Manufacturing

The goal of the Introduction to Careers in Manufacturing course is to open students’ eyes to the job and career opportunities that are available in manufacturing. Upon completion, students should have a better understanding of the manufacturing environment and of the work possibilities it presents.

  • Scope and Economic Effect of Manufacturing in the USA and Beyond: This unit provides an overall view of manufacturing in the United States, including how it evolved, how manufacturers are organized, and the impact of manufacturing on our society and economy.
  • Process Improvement in Manufacturing: This unit examines the elements of process design, management, and improvement through quality assurance plans, production and quality control, and performance measurement systems.
  • Careers in Manufacturing: This unit focuses on jobs and careers in manufacturing, including the need for skilled workers, the outlook for manufacturing in the U.S., and the competencies that manufacturers value and develop in their workers.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Processes: This unit focuses on key elements in manufacturing systems and types of manufacturing processes. It also covers research and development, product design, process design and management, and lean manufacturing.
  • Safety and Regulations in Manufacturing: This unit addresses two areas of concern for manufacturers: compliance and safety. It introduces the regulatory and safety environments in which manufacturers work and the steps they take to comply with regulations, as well as the steps some manufacturers take to go beyond compliance to create a high-performing workplace.

State: National
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Category: Manufacturing
Course Length: Semester