Introduction to Careers in Finance

Introduction to Careers in Finance course provides the fundamentals of the financial services industry in the United States and explores the jobs and career opportunities that the industry offers.

  • Unit 1: Finance Overview and Financial Services: Unit 1 introduces the financial services industry and the financial systems that operate in the US and internationally.
  • Unit 2: Securities Analysis and Investments: Unit 2 examines securities markets and investment companies, looks at how companies evaluate and mitigate risk, and discusses the valuation of stocks and bonds.
  • Unit 3: Principles of Corporate Finance: Unit 3 discusses the roles and responsibilities of corporate finance and accounting, analysis of financial statements, capital budgeting, and capital structure.
  • Unit 4: Banking Services: Unit 4 focuses on banking services, including how the industry is organized and regulated and how risks are managed.
  • Unit 5: Risk Management and Insurance: Unit 5 looks at the insurance industry, including how it is organized and regulated, how it addresses risks, and the career opportunities it offers.

State: National
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Category: Finance
Course Length: Semester