Intro to Information Technology Support & Services

This course focuses on real-world application including common industry best practices and specific vendors that offer tools for technicians, project managers, and IT leadership. Emphasis should be made that the purpose of the IT department of an enterprise is to support the overall mission of the company, and it is not simply a standalone component of the company’s infrastructure. Students will continue to apply their knowledge of hardware and software components associated with IT systems while exploring a variety of careers related to IT support and services. Students will analyze technical support needs to perform customer service, perform configuration management activities, and evaluate application software packages and emerging software. Students will demonstrate and apply knowledge of IT analysis and design by initiating a system project andevaluating applications within the IT system. Information Technology is a dynamic discipline that is continuously evolving.


  • Explore systems design and implementation.
  • Investigate the implementation and maintenance of IT infrastructure.
  • Review the basics of management collaboration and reporting.
  • Discuss education and careers in IT and how to pursue such a career.

This is an introductory course in support and services providing information technology services and management. There are norequirements other than a basic familiarity with personal computers and the Internet. Students should be able to access the web and to use it to retrieve information and create accounts on free services.

IT Support and Services Capstone
This capstone project provides students the opportunity to use their newfound understanding of IT Support and Services to create a full IT plan for a new business within an existing corporation. This course will enable the student to consider all high-level aspects of providing IT support and services through the lens of a new business unit “starting from scratch.” The student will—with the background of the previous units—create the project plan, identify the key steps, research and recommend products and architectures, design processes and procedures, and otherwise create a credible plan that would be useful when applying for positions in IT support and services. One of the key barriers in finding work in IT is perceived aptitude and prior experience. Unit Six will help the student to comprise some evidence for his or her further study or employment.

State: National
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Category: Information Technology
Course Length: Semester