Health Quest

Health Quest is a health science elective course for upper elementary and junior high students. The curriculum introduces students to the concepts of what good health is, why good health is important, and what students should do to achieve good health.

  • Your Body: This unit introduces the different systems in the human body, showing how the body develops from birth through childhood, during adolescence, and in adulthood.
  • Health: This unit demonstrates to students how they may develop good practices as they promote proper mental, emotional, physical, and social health.
  • Nutrition and Fitness: This unit teaches how to establish healthy eating practices and proper fitness routines.
  • Health Maintenance: This unit focuses on safety, emergency care, and disease prevention.
  • Responsible Living: This unit discusses how students may apply the principles of responsible living, covering topics such as pollution, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.

State: National
Grade Level: 7, 8
Category: Health
Course Length: Semester