English I Fundamentals

Students engage in in-depth analysis of increasingly more complex literature, view that literature from its historical perspective, and connect it to other arts. They will write literary analyses, logical arguments, informational/explanatory texts, narratives, and focused research projects. These writing tasks will be both formal and informal. Additionally, they will engage in speaking and listening activities that use and incorporate media and technology. As a result of the reading, writing, speaking, and listening students will do in this course, they will grow their vocabulary and their understanding of how to communicate effectively by making skillful choices when expressing themselves with language.

  • Unit 1: Short Story:Students will gain a deeper understanding of common literary elements, evaluate narrator reliability, point of view, and characterization through research, writing, and an exchange of ideas in group discussions.
  • Unit 2: Literary Nonfiction:Students will read a variety of nonfiction forms, including autobiography, memoir, essay, and speech.
  • Unit 3: Epic Poetry:Students examine the question of what makes a hero through reading Homer’s Greek epicThe Odyssey, research, and creation of an argumentative essay.
  • Unit 5: Drama:Students will be introduced to ancient Greek and Elizabethan English drama, and compare and contrast the original Romeo and Juliet with a modern adaptation.
  • Unit 6: Novel:Students will explore unifying themes as they readTo Kill a Mockingbird. A study of various speeches illuminates the historical context of the novel.
  • Unit 7: Poetry:Students will examine poetic form, study poems from different eras and different cultures, as well.

State: National
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Category: English Language Arts
Course Length: Year