Art History

Students will develop knowledge of the history and theory of art and the relationship between artist, artwork, and society, including researching and critiquing periods, styles, and works of art from early civilizations through modern and contemporary art. Additionally, students will complete extended, focused projects that will challenge their research, writing, and analysis skills.

  • Semester 1: Students will conduct an in-depth examination of art history, beginning with prehistoric art and ending with the Romantic era of the early nineteenth century; students will understand the impact that historical and cultural context has on art, and will closely examine specific visual examples of key concepts.
  • Semester 2: Students will continue an advanced exploration of art history, beginning with early photography and ending with contemporary art, including art from cultures and countries around the world; students will complete research and writing projects to demonstrate their learning of key ideas.

Please note that throughout the course, students may be asked to answer questions or to reflect on what they’ve read in theirnotes. The notes are not graded. Rather, they are a way for students to extend their thinking about the lesson content. Students may keep handwritten or typed notes.

State: National
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Category: Fine Arts
Course Length: Year