5 Barriers to Summer School Solved with Odysseyware


Let’s face it; the mere mention of summer school can send some students – and some teachers – running down the hall to escape!

As a former teacher who taught summer school (and summer camp) every summer, I understand the conflicting feeling of knowing the importance of Summer School and the positive effects for everyone involved, yet simultaneously feeling a little overwhelmed thinking about the resources that go along with planning and implementation. I also know my principal always had a hard time finding teachers who had the availability to take on the full-time commitment. Finding and leveraging resources to put together a great summer school program can be daunting.

But what if I could help you rethink your summer school plan?

What if instead of spending time and extra money researching, or creating group or personalized curriculum for students, you could leverage Odysseyware through different strategies that are both beneficial and cost-effective?


 Let’s talk about five Odysseyware solutions to knock out summer school barriers.

1. Barrier: Identifying remediation for each student.

Solution: SPARK

Take out the guessing game of what skills and concepts to provide for each student who is needing to get back on track. No need to spend hours digging through previous data and interviewing each student’s previous teacher(s). SPARK is a rich set of assessment tools and instructional materials for K-8 math and English Language Arts. By leveraging Odysseyware, we can help you pinpoint skill and content gaps and provide a personalized learning path for each kid. On top of that, the built-in scaffolded instructional supports in every lesson provide students immediate feedback and guidance when they need it.


2. Barrier: Identifying resources to accelerate learning.

Solution: Enrichment opportunities.

Some students take advantage of Summer School because they’re looking for something that will help propel them to the next level – including getting access to courses that may not be typically offered during the ‘normal’ school year. By leveraging Odysseyware, you can meet the individual wants of each student looking for something more. Students have access to over 300 courses, including AP® courses, a variety of elective courses, and over 80 CTE courses aligned to all 16 national career clusters. A license of odysseyware gives you access to the entire library of courses making this an easy option.


3. Barrier: The ‘typical’ summer school schedule.

Solution: Student agency and anytime, any place learning.

Teachers and students alike often times have crazy summer schedules. The power of providing Odysseyware as a Summer School solution is that you are creating an environment of student agency over the pace and place in which your kids learn. This offers ultimate flexibility and buy-in for students and parents (who may be struggling with figuring out how to drive them to school). Students can complete their work at their own pace and virtually on any device, anywhere – as long as they have internet.


4. Barrier: Identifying the concepts needed for credit recovery.

Solution: Credit recovery mode (CRx).

Odysseyware’s Credit Recovery Mode (CRx) is exceptionally powerful when it comes to determining what concepts students have already mastered, versus those they need to complete for credit recovery. Students are assigned a pre-test at the start of every unit, and if they demonstrate competency on certain concepts and skills, then those lessons are skipped. No more boredom of going through repeat skills your students already know. Instead, Odysseyware keeps them engaged with the content they really need to work on – giving them more time to master those challenging skills and concepts. Additionally, teachers can opt to use Flex CRx Mode that can further personalize each student’s learning path. This is the ultimate tool for efficiency!


5. Barrier: Finding highly qualified staff.

Solution: Odysseyware Academic Services.

Sometimes the best thing for districts is simply to offer a turnkey solution for their Summer School programs. Odysseyware Academic Services acts as your partner and can become an extension of your district team by providing staff and certified teachers. Our teachers work virtually with district students over the summer, offering opportunities for students to catch up, attain missing foundational skills, and get ahead–-without the challenges of running a full brick-and-mortar program.

How are District Partnership Program Works:

  1. Academic Services support staff enrolls students, monitors their progress, and communicates with a designated school official.
  2. Certified teachers provide feedback to students, hold office hours, and are available via an academic hotline.
  3. Communications between the student and certified teacher are available in real-time, as well as student progress and attendance, through our Student Information System.
  4. Upon completion of the course, the school can award the credits or request official transcripts from Odysseyware Academy.

Want to learn more about Solution #5?

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Mar 27, 2018 By thyatt