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Matthew Given

President & Chief Executive Officer

Before coming to Glynlyon as a board member, Matthew spent his nearly 20-year career in the for-profit education sector in a variety of leadership roles including the last seven years in C-level positions focused on business development, marketing, and government relations. Matthew began his education career as a teacher in Kaplan’s test preparation division and quickly transitioned into management, taking General Manager roles for Kaplan’s retail operation in Georgia and then for the east coast at Kaplan K12 Learning Services. Subsequent executive experience focused on the development, marketing, and government relations efforts at large education companies including Kapan Virtual Education, Edison Learning, and Catapult Learning. Areas of focus included educational technology, assessment and virtual education. Matthew’s government relations experience includes successfully influencing legislation in multiple states and testifying on the authorization of The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in front of a full committee hearing at the House of Representatives, Education and the Workforce Committee. Matthew has had frequent press and public speaking engagements, and has lectured on educational policy at Tufts University. Matthew graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Psychology. Matt is a recovering bike racer who still rides to work most days when it's under 100 degrees in the desert.

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