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Eric Swanson


“After completing algebra in middle school, I disliked and was fearful of math. My high school math teacher, Ms. Case, turned my misgiving around to the point that I truly began to enjoy it—so much so that I got a bachelor’s degree in math and continued my math studies in graduate school. Ms. Case was patient, light-hearted, always willing to help, and very committed to her students. Her influence over my education and career path is proof positive of the difference one teacher can make.”

At Odysseyware, Eric leads strategy development, product investment initiatives, and curriculum development. This includes managing the Content Development teams and the Product Management team. In this role, Eric and his teams work with educators, students and business partners to understand, design, and build the best software and curriculum in the market with the goal of making teaching and learning more effective.

Prior to Odysseyware, Eric was with Edmentum and Archipelago Learning where he was responsible for managing investments in the Edmentum Platform, Sensei, and Plato Courseware, among others. He also developed partner relationships and led many activities involving mergers and acquisitions. In these roles, Eric has worked with hundreds of educators to improve online, virtual, and blended learning. He holds his BA from the University of Minnesota and his MBA from the Opus College of Business at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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