Why Odysseyware®

Headquartered in Chandler, AZ with offices in Nisswa, MN and Rock Rapids, IA, Odysseyware® is an innovative, multimedia-enriched online curriculum and instructional services company. Through the use of the Odysseyware platform, educators and students have access to more than 300 standards-aligned courses and instructional materials in core subjects, enriching electives, CTE courses, and college and career readiness test prep. Odysseyware provides support for 21st-century educational solutions such as blended learning, online learning, credit recovery and intervention via our flexible platform and rich set of data reporting and customization features, professional development, and accredited Odysseyware Academy and academic services. 


Odysseyware takes the question of where students can learn out of the equation. With our fully HTML5 course library, students can learn anywhere, anytime, on any device, via our powerful learning management system with access to hundreds of multimedia-based courses and thousands of lessons. Courses include core subjects, over 80 CTE courses, Advanced Placement®, and electives such as fine arts and world languages, all aligned to national and state standards. Students have access to powerful embedded supports throughout each lesson, including translations in 23 languages, vocabulary and reference libraries, text-to-speech, and immediate coaching for writing skills via the Writer Tool. 

Flexible Solutions and Support Services

While students have many choices within the Odysseyware program, teachers also have great flexibility in customizing and creating new lessons, projects, quizzes, tests and even entire courses to enhance, personalize, and differentiate learning for students. Courses can be delivered fully online or as part of a blended learning model.

The Odysseyware content, instructional tools, professional learning, and services options facilitate virtually endless options for teachers and students. The Professional Learning Services team is experienced in delivering onsite, or webinar-based training, including customized options and consulting services to meet unique school and district needs. Support services are available via phone and email to address questions and provide more complete video or text-based guides. 


Certified Teachers

Odysseyware Academic Services combines our rigorous curriculum library with state-certified and highly qualified teachers to deliver fully online course offerings for core, CTE, AP® and electives, including 128 NCAA-approved course offerings offered through the AdvancEd® accredited Odysseyware Academy. The Academic Services team enables districts and schools to expand course offerings, address hard-to-fill teacher assignments, support students with extended absences, and provide a digital learning option to meet student needs so that they can stay in their home district, recover credits, and meet graduation requirements. The Academic Services team also works closely with districts to support offerings to meet customized course requirements, such as IEP or local district or school needs.

Single Platform

All Odysseyware courses are built on a single platform, providing a consistent experience across all courses and enabling a wealth of cross-curricular customization options for educators with just a few clicks. All content is fully HTML5 and Java-free, leading to improved ease of use as there are no plug-ins or add-ons required and content can be accessed across browsers and devices such as tablets, Chromebooks, and smart phones. With the lowest bandwidth footprint in the industry, allowing for 99.9% uptime and reduced student downtime waiting for content to display, students and teachers are spending more time on enriched learning with Odysseyware.

Single platform provides consistent experience across all courses