Virtual Programs

Virtual Instruction and Support Services

Districts interested in offering their own virtual program can easily do so with the help of Odysseyware Academic Services. Districts receive all the benefits of our fully customizable curriculum and embedded instructional supports, based within a single platform, plus certified teachers and dedicated support services. This is ideal for districts seeking to expand course offerings, address teacher shortages, and retain student enrollments and the associated FTE funding.

Odysseyware Spotlight: Anderson County

Expand Course Offerings

Often districts want to offer additional courses to help prepare students for college and careers–such as CTE, electives, and AP® courses–but don’t have a certified teacher in that content area or have too low of enrollment numbers to justify the spend on a full-time staff member. By leveraging Odysseyware certified teachers and curriculum, districts can offer courses across grades 3-12, even if they don’t have teachers on staff for the selected courses.

Address Teacher Shortages

Districts face teacher shortages for a multitude of reasons: budget and recruiting constraints; lack of certified teachers in specialized subjects such as world languages, advanced math and sciences, and AP® courses; long-term sub needed due to teachers leaving or while on FMLA. With over 100 state-certified, highly qualified teachers, districts can offer a virtual program that address their unique needs.

Partnership Support Services

Through our Partnership Support Services, districts receive planning support (initial and ongoing), phone/email support, registration/enrollment support, and progress updates on the overall program. We also offer:

  • AP® coordinator support
  • Asynchronous and synchronous support through the message system, help notes, academic hotline, and virtual office hours
  • Full-time and part-time enrollment options
  • Rolling enrollment options

Virtual Program Management and Reporting

Leveraging a powerful web-based student information system designed to make running an online/virtual program simple, fast, and reliable, we provide: 

  • Control over the admission process and enrollments
  • Academic information to students and guardians
  • Tracking of student progress
  • Real-time communication updates
Leverage a powerful web-based student information system

Retain Students

With more and more options for students, and their parents, districts are needing to compete to retain students. Retaining students also means retaining associated FTE funding, which can add up to big numbers year after year. By providing Odysseyware award winning curriculum facilitated by our certified teachers, districts can offer an extensive course catalog with flexible, customizable content and the ability for students to complete courses at their own pace.

Additional Benefits

Leveraging our certified teachers helps districts provide effective and timely instruction for medically homebound and hospitalized students. Often districts assign a teacher to meet with the student once a week, which is not only labor intensive and expensive, but not engaging for the student. Our virtual instructional support and services provides more opportunity for the student to interact with the teacher, and the teacher more flexibility to personalize the instruction to the individual student.

Certified teachers help districts provide effective and timely instruction for medically homebound and hospitalized students
Customer testimonials

I have experienced exceptional customer service! Our students have been taught and challenged–no matter the subject area–and our district has been able to provide a much needed service for our community to ensure our students have every opportunity to succeed.

Greg Faris

Superintendent, Hardesty Public Schools, OK

The instructors are motivated to help students, not simply to complete the course but learn the content. They are very good about encouraging students who slow down or get off-task, as well as encouraging the students who are doing a great job. This keeps my students motivated as their hard work does not go unrecognized.

Emily Ostrom

Coordinator of Student Academic Programs, Troy Area School District, PA

Thank you Miss Hall for all of your help and support. You have really been a help to me and I hope to have you in future classes. You are a great teacher and you really go above and beyond to help. My assignments were greatly improved this time around and it is because of your input. 


Sudent, McRae, GA