This detailed manual will help students navigate the Odysseyware site, understand course and assignment structure, access and complete their assignments, view grades, and communicate with teachers.

This detailed manual for Odysseyware Super Teachers and Teachers explains all educator features and functions.

This guide will help Odysseyware Super Teachers and Teachers quickly set up users and enroll students in courses.ons.

This guide provides housekeeping procedures to clean up your Odysseyware database.

This detailed manual for Odysseyware Admins explains all admin features and functions.

This document explains how the Student Inactivity Timer works, how to reset the timer and other details.

Learn how to change user and enrollment statuses, run maintenance reports, and archive custom courses.

Learn how to create groups of students for batch enrollment, reporting, and messaging.

Learn how to customize pass thresholds and grade weight settings at the student and course enrollment levels.

Learn how students can use Odysseyware to access assignments and view grades.

Learn all about the elements of the Learner Dashboard so you can help empower your students by allowing them take ownership of their Odysseyware courses.