Q: Why am I getting Invalid Username/Password?

A: There can be a few reasons for this. Please check the following:

1) You are at the incorrect URL (web address) for your individual school. With our program, each school is provided a unique log in web address. These websites cannot be accessed through a search engine and must be typed manually into the address bar.

2) Our usernames and passwords are case sensitive. Ensure that you are correctly capitalizing the log in credentials

3) One of your credentials (username and password) may have been inputted incorrectly during creation.

You may call tech support to verify the username and web address but passwords can only be changed/verified by the school you attend. You must contact them if there are questions about the password.

Q: My quiz or test is locked. How do I get it unlocked?

A: When you try and access the quiz/test again, it will have a button that says “send unlock request.” That goes directly to your teacher, and it is up to them to unlock it.

Q: Why am I unable to answer this question in my test or quiz? Why is it grayed out?

A: This question has been skipped by the teacher, you are not required to answer.

Or this is a retake and the question was not reassigned.

Q: What do I do if I get Sorry an error has occurred when first logging in?

A: This is usually a result of not properly logging out e.g. closing the window without logging out first, refreshing the page, or clearing the history should resolve the issue.

Q: I contacted my teacher to unlock my quiz or test but they have not responded, who else can I contact?

A: If you are not able to get in touch with your teacher with the messaging system, you could attempt contacting the school.  The best way to have quizzes and tests unlocked is to have the teacher of record unlock the quiz or test because they have a special notification they received on their account.  Notifying your school if your teacher has not responded or calling the school may bring attention to the teacher if they have not seen this request.  Unfortunately, this is not a technical issue that technical support will be able to assist with.

Q: Why do I keep getting logged out when working on my assignments?

A:  There can be several things that can cause this type of an issue including:

  • Using the back button in the browser or the browser interpreting you pressing the backspace key as you hitting the browser back button.  Do not use the back button in the browser as this can result in issues.  Be mindful where you are clicked on the page to prevent this from happening.
  • Using shortcuts, hand swipes, and navigational hotkeys can result in you going back a page or opening a new page.  Touchscreen devices tend to have it set so that if you swipe a certain way it can cause you to go back.  The same thing can happen with devices like Macintosh can have multi-finger gestures that can cause you to go back or navigate.
  • Signing in to multiple browsers, devices, or having multiple tabs open with your schoolwork can result in logouts and error messages.  The application is designed to have you logged in only once, so if your account is accessed by you or others such as parents at the same time, you will likely be kicked off.

Q: I cannot upload my project. What can cause this?

A: Here are some reasons found that have caused this.

1. Slow internet connection which causes a timeout in when uploading file.

2. Incorrect file type or to large of file.

3. The question is skipped.

4. Essay questions on pretest are skipped by default.

5. If using an iPhone or iPad.

  • Safari browser: file must be saved to iCloud and have the setting turned on in safari.
  • Chrome browser: file must be saved to Google Drive and have Google Drive turned on in chrome settings

Q: Why does my writer box not work?

A: Writer can be sensitive to many things, it’s important to remember that Writer is not available on all essay type questions. Here are some reasons and potential solutions:

1. Webpage may not fully load due to slow internet.

  • If it’s a lesson refresh browser.
  • If it’s a quiz or test do not refresh, refreshing the page will lock student out of the quiz or test.

2. Using out of date browser or browser that is not supported.

3. Caching issue in browser.

  • To solve, clear cache in cookies.

4. If it’s a mobile device, it could be complications due to our application being designed for a non-touchscreen device. As a test you could try the essay on a PC or Mac.


Q: How do I change a course title?

A: Logged in as Admin, under school settings, in the Grading, Pacing, & Assessments area, there is an option for Monitored Assessments. This is for schools that require quizzes and tests to be proctored. If your school does not require this, make sure that these options are not selected.

Q: Why do I have to unblock quizzes and tests for all my students?

A:  Logged in as Admin, under school settings, in the Permissions area, there is an option for Monitored Assessments.  This is for schools that require quizzes and tests to be proctored.  If your school does not require this, make sure that these options are not selected.

Q: The program is running slow, how come?

A: There are a number of reasons why the program may appear to be running slow. Here are a few suggestions to try before calling tech support.

If you are at home:

1. Refresh your browser.

2. Clear cache and cookies.

3. Check your wireless signal strength.

4. Reset your router.

5. Check if any upgrades or downloads are taking place.

6. Check the version of your browser. If outdated, update your browser.

If you are at school:

1. Refresh your browser.2. Clear cache and cookies.3. Check the version of your browser. If outdated, update your browser.4. Check if any upgrades or downloads are taking place.

5. Contact your school’s IT department report slowness and ask if any changes to your content filter, proxy server, firewall, or any other network appliance has taken place.

Q: I assigned the CRX course to my student but there is no pre-test.

A: This can be resolved by following these simple steps:

1. Locate the student’s enrollments under the Course Enrollment tab.

2. Look to see if (Crx) is after the title of the course.

3. If (Crx) is not there, you will need to archive this course and enroll the student into a new course and select (CRx) by clicking (not sliding) the CRx button.

Q: I am enrolling a different semester of a course and it says it successfully submitted, but does not show up as an enrollment for the student. Why is that?

A: The "successful" message means that it was successfully submitted, but it still must process the enrollment. If after some time the enrollment still does not show the enrolled could be in on hold status, or the 1st semester of the course is already enrolled, and you cannot enroll both semesters in the same term. Either Archive semester 1, then enroll semester 2, or change the term dates so they do not overlap.  You can check to see why it did not show up on your home page, in the Activity Stream widget.

Q: Why can I not enroll a student?

A: If the button is not appearing for you to enroll the student in a course, then you do not have the permission to do so and you will need to contact an administrator. If you cannot see the student at all, it means you have a teacher account and the student isn't enrolled in any courses with you listed as the teacher. An admin or superteacher must enroll the student in a course with your name as the teacher of record.

Q: I do not see my student even after selecting All Students.

A: If the student is enrolled by another teacher such that you are not teacher for that student, you will not be able to see that student’s records even if you select "All Students." NOTE: Even if you are a "super teacher" if your school has employed campus ids, you may only see students who are associated with those campuses. Students are only visible to teachers if:

The teacher created the student account

The teacher is the teacher of record for a course

The teacher is a Super Teacher not limited to a campus ID

The teacher is a Super teacher assigned to specific campus IDs that the students are assigned to

Q: How do I retrieve grades on archived students or courses?

A: To retrieve grades on archived students and courses, go to the reports tab and make sure the status for both the students and the enrollments are set to "All" as opposed to "Active".

Q: How do I reset my password?

A: In Odysseyware, there are multiple ways to reset your password. If your admin has given teachers and superteachers permission to change passwords on their own, you will have a My Preferences link in the top right corner of the page.  Clicking here will produce a widget where you can choose a new password. Alternatively, an Odysseyware Admin at your school can change your password at any time.

Q: I have attempted to create a student but it says the username is already in use. Why?

A: This message indicates that the username you have chosen is already in the system. To find the status of that username, simply go to the Students tab, change the Status search filter to "ALL", then search for the username. That will tell you whether that username is either active, on hold, or archived. You can change the status of the username if need be by clicking on the Edit button to the right of the student record. This opens the student profile, at the top of which, you can change the status to whatever is needed.

Q: How do I put a course in CRx mode after I have enrolled it?

A: Crx mode must be chosen at the time of enrollment, and cannot be changed afterward.  You will have to archive the course that was just enrolled, enroll the course again, and make sure to turn on Crx mode.

Q: I’m trying to enroll a student in semester two, but it won’t let me.

A: This is because the student is enrolled in semester one, the program can’t read that there are two different semesters. Will have to make two different terms and make sure the terms don’t overlap.

Q: I enrolled a bunch of students, but they are all under me and they need to be under a different teacher. How do I change this?

A: If you go to Course Enrollment and search the student, you will see their classes. To the right of each class there is an Edit option. When clicked you will see an option to delete the current teacher and type in the name of the desired teacher. There is not a way change all students at once so it must be done individually.