This guide provides housekeeping procedures to clean up your Odysseyware database.

Use this guide to gain an understanding of Odysseyware's Flex tools in custom courses and CRx enrollments.

This guide explains the functions of Odysseyware's Writer tool and how teachers and students can use it to improve student writing.

This guide will help you understand the purpose and function of Odysseyware's placement tests, how to enroll students in placement tests, and how to interpret placement test results.

This guide will help educators utilize Odysseyware's Skills Diagnostic tools to assess students understanding of essential skills in English Grammar and/or Math.

This guide will help you create a single, custom assignment that can be added to a custom course.

Use this document to quickly understand how to modify, create, and customize Odysseyware course.

This guide explains how to copy and customize Odysseyware's courses as well as how to create your own courses.

Use this guide to understand the structure of and create learning paths using Odysseyware's ELA and Math Spark resources.

This document will help you understand how to use Odysseyware’s Course Customization feature to replace assignments requiring the purchase of resources with comparable assignments using online resources.

This document provides a current list of all virtual labs and PhET simulations and their locations within the Odysseyware curriculum.


Learn how to change user and enrollment statuses, run maintenance reports, and archive custom courses.

Learn how Odysseyware customizes assessments based on the course content completed by students.

Teacher Authoring Tool Part 2

Teacher Authoring Tool Part 2

Learn how to search and preview the Odysseyware curriculum.

Learn how to create a custom course by copying an existing course or by creating a new course from scratch.