Career Technical Education

With an extensive library of CTE courses aligned to each of the 16 national career clusters, Odysseyware® curriculum prepares students for postsecondary success in a variety of fields

Career Technical Education Benefits

Research shows that taking just one CTE course increases the probability of graduating by 3.2%. By equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in postsecondary education, advanced career training, or immediate entry into jobs with a meaningful career path, CTE prepares students for success after graduation – whatever path they may choose.

Program Benefits

Odysseyware® CTE courses can be delivered fully online or as a part of a blended learning model to supplement a district’s existing CTE program. Providing online CTE courses also enables students who are not part of a traditional CTE program a way to explore career options.

Career exploration, career pathway, certification preparation, career ready

Single Sign-On

All CTE courses are built on the same platform as the rest of the Odysseyware curriculum, so teachers and students do not need to worry about separate log-ins to access the content. Students experience the same lesson design and instructional supports that are included in all other courses.

Certified Teachers

Having enough qualified teachers in all CTE clusters can be difficult because of how quickly these fields evolve. Odysseyware Academic Services offers certified teachers for schools that do not have teachers available for all clusters or pathways.

Real-world Application

Students experience applications of subject matter outside school walls, helping to increase their motivation, understanding, and retention of concepts. Each Odysseyware CTE course includes project-based assessments, extending student knowledge and understanding as they apply what they learn in real-world situations.

Course Customization

Unique customization features allow for the creation of cross-curricular lessons, projects, and courses, enabling teachers to add CTE lessons to core and elective courses, and vice versa. 

Highlights Include

We offer several courses designed to provide students exposure to career options and planning in middle school and early high school. This is an opportune time to introduce career development skills so students have an idea of their interests and abilities as they determine their plans for post-graduation.

Career exploration, career pathway, certification preparation, career ready

CTE Resources

On Demand Webinar
Odysseyware in Action: CTE in the Real World
Stacey Adamczyk, Lead Teacher, Connects Learning Center, Cudahy, WI
Here is what customers say about us

Our students really enjoy all the choices they have. They can find a class similar to the job they want to pursue after graduating from high school. This allows them to become more college and career ready than ever before.

Ken Hopkins

Head Teacher, Rockcastle Academy, KY