Alternative Education

The flexibility of the Odysseyware® curriculum makes it a great fit to meet the needs of students being served outside of the traditional classroom, enabling them to work at their own pace on content targeted to their unique learning needs.

Program Features

For some students, the traditional classroom environment is not ideal, whether it’s due to demanding schedules, family obligations, or other circumstances that affect their ability to achieve success during the school day. Odysseyware® curriculum enables educators to address diverse student populations with varying academic abilities, whether they need remediation or enrichment, helping them stay on track to graduate.

Prescriptive Learning Paths

Based on pre-tests associated with individual units, the program automatically prescribes standards-based content to address each student’s skill gaps. Educators also have the ability to add/remove lessons from across grade levels and subject areas.


All courses are fully customizable, so instructors can rearrange/remove content, add lessons from another Odysseyware course, and/or add their own unique web-based content.


Educators can take a closer, more granular look at specific skills and how students are performing against them through SPARK, a rich set of assessment tools and instructional materials for K-8 math and English Language Arts. The software prescribes content to address missing skills on varying grade levels and teachers can see how a student is progressing in real-time to provide additional interventions.

Scaffolded Instructional Supports

Students have a variety of embedded instructional supports at their fingertips in every lesson, including literacy, fluency, and audio scaffolds. They also receive immediate feedback throughout lessons and assessments to guide their learning.

Student Agency Over Pace & Place

Students complete their work at their own pace and can access the Odysseyware learning platform on virtually any device, anywhere they have access to the internet, giving them new options of completing coursework that fits their schedule.

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Additional Offerings

Odysseyware online courses are provided in a secure, web-based format that enables the safe delivery of individualized educational programming to fit the needs of students being served in maximum-security juvenile detention centers. See how we support youth services centers here.

Success In Alternative Education Programs

Bradenton, Fl

Marble Falls, TX

Moreno Valley, CA

Osage Beach, MO

Thomasville, GA

Bauxite, AR

More than any other solution we tried, Odysseyware addressed everything that had been preventing kids from staying focused and achieving.

Tyler Tarver

Director of Curriculum, Miner Academy, AR