Adult Education

The Odysseyware® learning platform provides adult education coordinators the tools they need to differentiate instruction and improve Educational Functional Level (EFL) completion and advancement rates.

Adult Education Programs

Odysseyware® software is ideal for community colleges, K-12 institutions, and other community-based organizations that are operating:

  • Remedial/Developmental programs 
  • Adult Basic Education (ABE)
  • Adult Secondary Education (ASE) 
  • Adult High School (AHS) 
  • High School Equivalency (HSE) Test Prep

Program Features

The instructional design of the Odysseyware curriculum supports key andragogical principles: 

  • Adult learners take control of their learning, moving through the content at their own pace, focusing only on the skills they have not yet mastered. Students can complete their work on virtually any device, anywhere they have access to the internet.
  • Through projects, adult learners solve real-world problems and apply new knowledge immediately.

Content is aligned to state standards, supporting the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) for Adult Learners. Instructors can address diverse student populations across a range of proficiencies, many of whom may be missing foundational skills typically addressed in K-12 learning experiences.


All courses are fully customizable, so instructors can rearrange/remove content, add lessons from another Odysseyware course, and/or add their own unique web-based content.

Scaffolded Instructional Supports

Students have a variety of embedded instructional supports at their fingertips in every lesson, including literacy, fluency, and audio scaffolds. They also receive immediate feedback throughout lessons and assessments to guide their learning.

English Language Acquisition Supports

Any portion of the text can be translated into 23 different languages with audio support. Additional language acquisition supports are provided in each of the four domains. 

Any text can be translated into 23 different languages and audio support

Prescriptive Learning Paths

Students are assigned a pre-test at the beginning of each unit to determine if they are already competent in concepts addressed in the unit. If the student achieves a score at or above the predetermined pass threshold, the program automatically skips the rest of the unit and the student takes the pretest for the following unit. If not, the system assigns the lessons within the unit to the student. With Flex CRx Mode, instructors can further personalize each student’s learning path.
Flex CRx Mode automatically creates a custom learning path that contains content the pre-test assessed as needing remediation

Additional Offerings

HSE test prep courses provide students with the instruction, practice and assessment they need to prepare for success on GED®, HiSET® and TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion exams. 

Prepare students for GED, HiSET, and TASC

Adult Education Success

During a 9-week session, students using Odysseyware for HSE test prep at Cape Fear Community College in North Carolina showed gains of up to 4 grade levels on the TABE tests for reading, language and math. One student, for example, scored at a 8.0 grade equivalency on his pre-test for math; 9 weeks later he outscored the Difficult level post-test and had to re-test on the Advanced level, scoring at a 12.9+ grade equivalency.

My students feel empowered and confident that they can achieve their personal goals. The program’s 85% successful graduation equivalency rate–increasing 15% since starting with Odysseyware–speaks for itself. Also, the customer service is outstanding! There is on demand help, and I feel supported and confident in my ability to deliver learning every day.

Emily Brandenburg

ABE/ASE/AHS Coordinator, Cape Fear Community College, NC