Art of Digital Teaching

The Art of Digital Teaching professional development course by Odysseyware®, aligned to iNACOL’s National Standards for Quality Online Teaching, gives educators the critical support they need to more effectively integrate technology into the classroom and facilitate online and blended learning.

Teachers are increasingly required to master the integration of technology in the classroom, yet many have little to no training on how to do so effectively. Teachers who complete this new course will learn:

  • How to make intentional connections with students through technology 
  • The 3 keys of teaching digital citizenship 
  • Best practices for collaboration with students and teachers in an online teaching environment
  • Strategies for differentiation, including the use of online assessments and real-time data
The Art of Digital Teaching helps fulfill need for shared vision and common language

Art of Digital Teaching Overview

This course is ideal for teachers who are:

New to the classroom or experienced veterans

Thinking about or just getting started with digital tools

Hesitant to get started with digital tools and not sure where to start

Experienced with using technology, but looking to more effectively integrate it into their instruction

How Does it Work?

  • The course is organized into five thematic units, containing a culminating project and final exam.
  • Each lesson introduces concepts, best practices, tools, modeling, and a variety of real life examples from experienced online teachers from around the country
  • Teachers have the opportunity to use many of these tools as they complete the interactive lessons and projects, and can apply them right away in their teaching.

Teachers should expect to spend approximately 35-40 hours to complete this course and will earn a certificate of completion which can be used towards CEUs.

Enrollment Options
Teachers can enroll in the course as an individual or schools/districts can purchase a site licenses for unlimited teacher use. Site license options include two hours of follow-up coaching services. Individual teacher registrations include online training.

Course Guide

UNIT 1: The Digital Teacher


  1. Course Overview
  2. Digital Citizenship: What is it?
  3. Digital Citizenship: Teaching it
  4. Quiz 1
  5. The Digital Teacher: Digital Skills Every Teacher Should Have
  6. The Digital Teacher: Classroom Management and Student Self-Assessment
  7. The Digital Teacher: Expectations and Time Management
  8. Quiz 2
  9. The Digital Teacher: Staying on Top and Ahead
  10. The Digital Teacher: Tech Mastery
  11. The Digital Teacher: Academic Integrity
  12. Quiz 3
  13. Project: Create an AUP
  14. Unit Test

UNIT 2: Digital Instruction & Assessment Design


  1. Instructional Design: Objectives and Course Expectations
  2. Instructional Design: Integrating Digital Elements in Online Learning
  3. Quiz 1
  4. Data-Driven Instruction: Improving Student Outcomes
  5. Differentiated Instruction: Content, Process, Product
  6. Differentiated Instruction: Identifying Learning Needs
  7. Differentiated Instruction: Making Accommodations
  8. Quiz 2
  9. Assessments: Understanding and Administering Assessments
  10. Assessments: Projects and Performance Tasks
  11. Assessments: Using Data to Differentiate
  12. Quiz 3
  13. Project: Develop an Individualized Program
  14. Unit Test

UNIT 3: Engagement with Digital Elements


  1. Student Engagement: Engaging with Students Through Technology
  2. Student Engagement: The Collaborative Classroom
  3. Quiz 1
  4. Student Engagement: Student-Centered Communication
  5. Student Engagement: Facilitating Student Communication
  6. Student Engagement: Custom Online Content & Assessment
  7. Quiz 2
  8. Project: Incorporate Digital Elements in Student Projects

Unit 4: Digital Teacher Portfolio and Reflection


  1. Project: Curate a Digital Teacher Portfolio
  2. Project: Reflect on The Art of Digital Teaching

UNIT 5: Final Exam

Final Exam

What customers say

The Art of Digital Teaching came along at the right time to fulfill a need in our district for shared vision and common language surrounding blended learning. The course was well received because it was relevant and well planned.

Manami Tezuka

Supervisor of Library Media Services, Syracuse County School District, NY