Supporting Students, Teachers, Parents, and Guardians with Social Emotional Learning

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Supporting Students Teachers Parents and Guardians with Social Emotional Learning

Beyond academic proficiency, teachers and administrators are expected to guide students in their Social Emotional Learning (SEL) journey. This is not an easy task—but Odysseyware has a solution through BASE Education.

BASE is a unique learning tool designed to ease the burden of social emotional learning. BASE follows two models of “Prevention and Intervention,” empowering students in a multitude of areas including Anger Management, Digital Citizenship, Healthy Friendships, and more. 

In this Webinar, you will see how teachers can effectively champion SEL through:
•    Understanding why we need SEL
•    Connecting SEL with ESSA requirements
•    Supporting SEL progress monitoring and user management features
•    Examples of responding to text deletion and Fireword™ triggers
•    Utilizing corresponding adult courses for parents, teachers, and guardians
•    Implementing SEL in your school(s)

Participating in this webinar will ensure that students are receiving a well rounded education. As a teacher or administrator, you'll appreciate a resource that will help you effectively support students in their social emotional journeys.

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Misty Blackmon
National Sales Consultant

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