How to Prepare for the New Evidence of Effectiveness Requirements?

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How to Prepare for the New Evidence of Effectiveness Requirements

Have you noticed how prevalent “Evidence” has become over the past two years? Words like “Evidence-Based” or “Evidence of Effectiveness” or simply “Evidence” have permeated nearly every educational context. The message is clear. Stakeholders in education, particularly those responsible for securing funding, want proof that new education funds will result in generations of college and career ready young adults. 

Evidence is not a new buzzword for “research”. Evidence means hard data from carefully planned and rigorously executed educational initiatives. ESSA ties it intimately to federally funded school improvement activities. State education plans took it further tying it to many local efforts around activities, strategies, and classroom interventions. 

The focus on evidence provides a tremendous opportunity for all stakeholders in student outcomes to come together and establish the best possible outcome for each student. 

• How do calls for Evidence impact your LEA or schools plans? 
• What funding sources require Evidence? Which ones will require Evidence in future years? 
• What happens if no Evidence is collected? Or worse, what if the data collected shows bad outcomes? 

Odysseyware is proud to be an important partner in working with schools to establish Evidence around local initiatives. Our work with researchers, students, educators, and thought leaders allows us to understand and broaden the role that technology plays in reaching every student in meaningful, engaging ways. In the chaotic and quickly evolving world of the federal ESSA requirements and state accountability plans, Odysseyware provides a trusted resource helping educators respond and innovate as new needs arise.

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Steve Rowley, CEO, Acumen Partners
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Steve Rowley
CEO, Acumen Partners

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