How to Support Your State’s Unique ESSA Graduation Requirements Using Odysseyware

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How to Support Your State’s Unique ESSA Graduation Requirements Using Odysseyware

ESSA’s passage brought a renewed focus onto Graduation Rates as a critical measure of educational success. It has also revived the debate State-to-State and within each state as to what “Graduation Rates” really mean. 
Key questions include: 

  • How is Graduation Rate calculated? 
  • Who is considered an on-time graduate? 
  • How will graduation rates be tracked and reported for each state? 
  • What about students who take longer than four years to graduate? 
  • What happens to students retained in earlier grades? 
  • How are out-placed students included? 
  • How do transitory students impact local graduation rates? 

And perhaps the most important question… 

  • How will graduation rates affect school funding? 

Join us for an enlightening webinar with ESSA expert Steven Rowley of Acumen Partners. We will be discussing the questions swirling around the Graduation Rate debate and the critical role technology plays in helping ensure that every student truly succeeds. 

Odysseyware is proud to be an important voice in the Graduation Rate debate. Our work with researchers, students, educators, and thought leaders allows us to understand and broaden the role that technology plays in reaching every student in meaningful, engaging ways. In the chaotic and quickly evolving world of the federal ESSA requirements and state accountability plans, Odysseyware provides a trusted resource helping educators respond and innovate as new needs arise.

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Steve Rowley, CEO, Acumen Partners
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Steve Rowley
Acumen Partners

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