How to Implement a Personalized, Competency-Based Learning Program

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How to Implement a Personalized, Competency Based Learning Program

Is your school or district searching for tools to implement a personalized, competency-based learning program? 

Learn the components and steps involved in getting a successful and sustainable program underway. 

Odysseyware provides the key elements schools and districts are searching for to support a competency-based learning program. This includes: 

  • Flexible Delivery Models 
  • Large Library of Courses and Content 
  • Equitable Instructional Supports 
  • Course Customization 
  • Built-in Assessments and Reporting 
  • Smooth Integration 
  • Professional Development 

The Odysseyware Professional Learning Services team works side-by-side with districts to help develop and customize their personalized competency-based learning program. This includes one-on-one implementation planning with all key stakeholders to ensure the program is best aligned to the unique needs of the district. During implementation, the Professional Learning Services team delivers professional development, training, and services continually, to drive program success and ensure personalized learning for every student.

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Tiffany Hicks
National Sales Consultant Manager

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