How to Easily Use and Review Reports in Odysseyware

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How to Easily Use and Review Reports in Odysseyware

Are your teachers having difficulty identifying the right report that provides the data they need to make an informed instructional decision or accurately tracks student progress, so they can provide timely 1:1 intervention with their students? 

Learn how to easily access, view and interpret class or student data contained in our reports and on our new Teacher Dashboard where a wealth of information and data is at your fingertips! 

This 30-minute webinar will address topics such as: 

  • Activity Reports 
  • Teacher Dashboard 
  • Curriculum Reports 
  • Progress Monitoring Tools 
  • Professional Development 

You’ll learn how the Odysseyware Client Services Team works side-by-side with districts and schools to assist in the interpretation of the data contained in our reports and on the Teacher Dashboard. This includes working in collaboration with district and school administrators responsible for tracking, monitoring and reporting student progress. In addition, we will work 1:1 with classroom teachers to strengthen their understanding of the data to make informed instructional decisions, as well as provide the guidance, expertise and experience to ensure program success and student growth over time.

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Greg Greiwe
Implementation Consultant

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