Developing High-Quality Summer Learning Programs: 7 Key Planning Questions

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Developing High Quality Summer Learning Programs 7 Key Planning Questions 1

Research shows that summer learning loss is a significant contributor to the achievement gap - a gap which remains constant during the school year and widens during summer break. According to the National Summer Learning Association, high-quality summer learning programs have been shown to improve reading and math skills, school attachment, motivation and relationships with adults and peers. Leveraging online learning over the summer provides students an opportunity to attain missing foundational skills and concepts, recover missing credit, and/or take courses they would not otherwise be able to take during the school year.

Watch to hear from Catherine H. Augustine, Senior Policy Researcher at the RUND Corporation and lead researcher on the report "Getting to Work on Summer Learning: Recommended Practices for Success" to learn the 7 key planning questions all educators should ask themselves when planning summer learning opportunities for their students. Also hear how Linda Davenport from the Blended Learning Academy in Stafford, CT, is leveraging the power of online courseware to increase student achievement during the summer and beyond.

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Catherine H. Augustine
Senior Policy Researcher at the RAND Corporation

Linda Davenport
Teacher at Blended Learning Academy in Stafford High School

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