College and Career Readiness: Preparing Students for College, Career and Life

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College and Career Readiness Preparing Students for College, Career and Life

Prepare your students with college and career readiness skills and support your students on their path to self-discovery! 

When students make a connection with school to work, they are more engaged, empowered, and feel like a valued part of the community. At Odysseyware, we have created tools that allow students to explore career interests, build upon their strengths, apply newly discovered skills and find purpose. 

The Odysseyware curriculum is extensive, offering courses across four content areas, rigorous college preparatory electives, college- and career entrance test readiness options, and one of the largest sets of CTE courses in the K-12 digital learning industry. 

Odysseyware Supports College and Career Readiness through: 

• Career Exploration Courses (including keyboarding and principles of coding) 
• Career Technical Education Courses (80 CTE courses are aligned to each of the 16 national career clusters) 
• Internship Preparatory Course and Workplace Readiness Courses (available through our Odysseyware Customer Success Team) 
• Civic Responsibility (Courseware through BASE Education, an evolutionary social-emotional solution) 
• Well-Rounded Curriculum (300+ standards-aligned courses and instructional materials in core subjects, enriching electives, CTE courses, and test prep).

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Misty Blackmon
National Sales Consultant

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