ClassPace Showcase - Real Teachers, Real Solutions

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Explore how current teachers leverage ClassPace—part of a suite of solutions offered by Odysseyware that supports differentiated instruction, competency learning, personalized learning, blended learning, flipped instruction, and more!
Two phenomenal teachers and recent Odysseyware Educator Impact Award winners, Sandra Ledbetter and Chad Chisolm, lead the presentation. Both educators will share stories of success with ClassPace. See how it is easy to implement and works alongside the structures and resources a teacher may already have established.  
During this Webinar our teachers will share how ClassPace supported them in: 

  • Breaking down barriers to learning and increasing student engagement
  • Creating station rotations
  • Differentiating instruction for practice, remediation, and acceleration
  • Developing a flipped classroom approach to learning
  • Supporting English Language Learners, special education students, gifted students, and more!
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Sandra Ledbetter
6th Grade Teacher

Chad Chisolm
4th & 5th Math Teacher

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