The Biggest Hurdle in Educational Technology - and How to Clear It

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The biggest hurdle in educational technology — and how to clear it

Moving from technology as a way to enhance instruction to a way to transform instruction may be the toughest move for educators in integrating technology. Watch to learn 8 steps you can take to help clear that hurdle.

Matt Miller, author of Ditch That Textbook and Spanish teacher in West Central Indiana, walks participants through the SAMR model of digital transformation and TPACK model for creating lessons, focusing on strategies for making the leap from technology as an enhancement to a true transformative tool in teaching and learning.

This presentation is ideal for school and district leaders looking to learn practical strategies to foster a mind-shift in teaching, as well as classroom teachers to reflect and learn best practices to apply.

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Matt Miller
Author of 'Ditch That Textbook' and Spanish teacher in West Central Indiana

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