Odysseyware is used across Taylor County for remediation, credit recovery, and enrichment. 

Taylor County School System


Challenges included meeting the needs of students who are excelling as well as those in need credit recovery or remediation, and students unable to attend classes in the traditional classroom setting due to physical limitations or behavioral issues.   

Credit Recovery

At Taylor County High School, the instructional tools in Odysseyware are used primarily for credit recovery for grades 10 to 12. The on-site computer lab holds six classes per day for 13-20 students. Other teachers utilize Odysseyware in their classroom on laptops. The state of Georgia has removed the seat-time minimum, so fifth year students can now truly self-pace to earn required credits for graduation. Once credits are earned, students may choose to return for the graduation ceremony at the end of the school year.


Students can complete coursework year-round through the summer school program. Students can attend full or half days depending on the extent of their requirements.


For more advanced students, Odysseyware is used as an enrichment tool to offer challenging course material not otherwise available in the district.


Instructional tools in Odysseyware are used to help keep hospitalized/home-bound students on track in their education.  

Alternative Programs

The alternative school is for students who have been removed from the middle or high school for disciplinary reasons. Odysseyware is used to assign or create coursework for students going into the alternative school. There is an instructor on site to assist with students’ day-to-day needs. Students at the alternative school may have the opportunity to return to the middle or high school based on performance.

The Georgia Center is a state-run facility located in Taylor County that houses older juveniles who have experienced legal trouble. Many of these students are far behind their peers academically. Odysseyware is used so they can continue receiving an education.

Middle School

Taylor County Middle School includes grades seven and eight, and is located on the same campus as the high school. The middle school uses Odysseyware in afternoon focus groups, and the content is customized by the high school’s academic coach, based on individual needs. The groups are divided into two categories: remedial and advanced.


In just over six years, the Taylor County School System has recovered over 650 credits using Odysseyware and graduation rates have increased 13%. Taylor County Middle School has also increased their Lexile® score by two grade levels.

Taylor County School System

Butler, GA

  • Over 1,400 students
  • 72.57% economically disadvantaged students
  • 51 students enrolled at the Georgia Center

Bradenton, Fl

“The ones I’m the most proud of are the ones who finish a week before graduation because we pushed, and pushed, and pushed so they could march.”

Connie Brown, Credit Recovery Teacher & Odysseyware Administrator, Taylor County High School