Since the 2011-12 school year, the Highlands County School District has utilized Odysseyware in their three high schools and four middle schools for credit recovery and as the core curriculum for their alternative school. The district looked at several programs, and Odysseyware best met their needs.

Highlands County School District


In 2011, Highlands County School District was looking for an online program that could help students recover courses they needed to graduate.

Credit Recovery

According to Teresa Ware, Highlands’ data operations technician, Odysseyware’s credit recovery mode, along with the program’s flex assessments, quickly assess and identify skills gaps and then create targeted and prescriptive learning pathways for students.


These targeted, prescriptive learning pathways created for each student have led to efficient, successful remediation and credit recovery.


The district also uses the program for its summer school program, with over 175 credits recovered.


High school seniors recovered 94 credits during the 2013-14 school year and 48 of 56 seniors enrolled in Odysseyware graduated with a 85% success rate. “Odysseyware has been an outstanding program for our students,” Dr. Ruth Heckman said. Director of Secondary Programs and Advanced Academics for the School Board of Highlands County. “The company has worked with us when we have concerns or ideas to make things even better. The course work is engaging and students do well ..Many of our students graduate because of this program.”

Highlands County School District

Sebring, FL

  • 57% free or reduced-price lunch program
  • 47.8% White
  • 30.2% Hispanic
  • 16.9% Black
  • 1.7% Asian
  • 12,400 Students enrolled

Highlands County School District uses Odysseyware for credit recovery, alternative school and summer school