Technology and Blended Learning meet diverse student needs and increase academic achievement.  Mission: To provide personalized learning programs and instruction to improve student mastery and increase graduation rates.

Fayetteville High School & ALLPS Center


When Dr. Denise Hoy became assistant principal of Fayetteville High School in the fall of 2010, one third of the total school population of 1,800 were failing one or more classes at the end of the fall 2010 semester. Many of these classes were required for students to graduate. To address this issue, Dr. Hoy applied lessons she had learned in the 10 years she was a Special Education Teacher/Designee at Fayetteville. She focused on unique student needs and also leveraged technology to provide more flexible and targeted instructional solutions and increase the graduation rate.

New Initiatives

With the help of Odysseyware, Fayetteville implemented programs to help students stay on top of their coursework, recover credits when necessary, and earn first-time credits.

Credit Recovery

The Keep-Up program assists students during the semester who have joined a class late or need to make up for days they’ve missed. Both of these programs provide students with the flexibility and opportunity to stay current with their coursework and on a path toward graduation. The course customization tool in Odysseyware has also been used to create 30 courses for students with language deficiencies and disabilities. By providing this flexibility and targeted instruction, ALLPS students recovered 736 credits from August 2014 to March 2015. As of April 2015, 29 students have graduated early. “I had one student who was anticipated to graduate a year late in the traditional school setting,” shares Dr. Hoy. “In October 2014, she was 12.5 credits short of graduating with her class. By March 2015, she completed 12 credits online and actually graduated two months early. The flexibility of blended learning and guided study classrooms allowed her to fast track to catch up and advance her learning.” 


The first initiative Fayetteville implemented was the Catch-Up Program. Designed for students failing a class near the end of semester, the Catch- Up Program assigns students targeted lessons required to achieve a passing grade and avoid repeating the entire class.

Blended Learning

By incorporating a blended learning model with Odysseyware, Fayetteville students have more options in the way they receive instruction. This has had significant impact not only on student engagement but also classroom management, evidenced by a 95% reduction in discipline referrals. Students are not only keeping up with their coursework and on track to graduate, many of them are also graduating early. One teacher had an issue where most students would skip her class because they didn’t like the traditional teaching structure.  When she switched to blended learning with Odysseyware and began allowing the students to choose their own lessons and curriculum, students are requesting her class because of the flexibility in learning and fast-tracking to course completion.


Dr. Hoy became principal of ALLPS in 2014 and immediately began applying many of the successful strategies she had implemented at Fayetteville High School. In 2014, less than 100 students were enrolled at ALLPS. In 2015, enrollment has grown to 225 students. Odysseyware used to meet the unique needs of each student enrolled in ALLPS at any one time. ALLPS offers a number of alternative instructional settings and focus areas that include, but are not limited to, night school, summer school, credit recovery, GED® prep, the Virtual Learning Academic Program (VLAP), and blended learning.


Dr. Hoy originally utilized Odysseyware to address the diverse needs of her special education students. Using embedded assessment and diagnostics and the ability to customize curriculum, Dr. Hoy was able to intervene at the individual student level. She provided materials and instruction at the grade and reading levels of each student to help them improve content mastery. Based on the success she experienced, Dr. Hoy expanded this approach to the larger student population.


3% Graduation rate increase from 2011-2013 80% Discipline referral reduction for 2014 736 Credits recovered at ALLPS from August 2014 to March 2015.

Cherry Creek School District

Fayetteville, AR

  • 75% White
  • 10% Hispanic
  • 3% Asian
  • 1% Native American

Technology and blended learning meet diverse student needs and increase academic achievement