Through relentless focus on student achievement, instilling a culture of success and college readiness, and leveraging instructional technology, Fannin County High School has increased its graduation rate by 25.2%. 

Fannin County High School


Ten years ago, less than 7 of every 10 students were graduating from Fannin County High School.

New Initiatives

By graduating 92.3% of its eligible seniors in 2014, Fannin County High School now surpasses the average Georgia state graduation rate by 19.4%. Fannin’s commitment to improving graduation rates was recently recognized nationally with the school receiving $5,000 for placing nationally in Taco Bell’s graduation incentive program.

Credit Recovery

Unhappy with the results they experienced through two years using a different curriculum, Fannin County High School switched to Odysseyware in the 2006-07 school year for its credit recovery and accrual needs. Jill Key, Fannin’s graduation coach, cited the lack of flexibility and control of other curriculums as one reason for the switch. Initially, credit recovery was carried out solely in a lab setting in which groups of students needing remediation and recovery would gather. Today, a credit recovery teacher conducts three blocks of lab teaching during the school day for roughly 90 students. 


They have greatly expanded the program to include after-school sessions for 40-50 students three days a week, new student onboarding programs, a summer school program that mixes virtual and online learning, and virtual courses for students to acquire first-time credit. Ms. Key states that they realized early on that meeting student needs required a multi-tiered approach.


19.4% Higher Graduation Rate than State Average

Fannin County School District

Blue Ridge, GA

  • 49% Participate in free or reduced-price lunch program
  • 94% White
  • 3% Two or more races
  • 2% Hispanic
  • 1% Asian
  • 900 Students Enrolled
  • 149 Odysseyware courses completed in 2013-14

Fannin County High School prepares students for career and college readiness