Students in Cook High School graduate with credit recovery support, prescriptive learning paths, and alternative education.

Cook High School


When researching a program to increase Cook High School’s low graduation rate and help students recover course credits, Media Director Ray Yody said they looked for an approach that could be customized and scaled based on fluctuating student needs throughout the school year.

New Initiatives

Since adopting Odysseyware during the 2007-2008 school year, they have assisted hundreds of students in earning a diploma who might have otherwise fallen through the cracks, estimating that 10 to 15 percent of each year’s graduating class has benefited from the credit recovery program.

Credit Recovery

Depending on the time of year, Cook High School has between 4-40 students actively working on credit recovery, often with disparate needs and moving at their own pace. Odysseyware’s credit recovery mode enables the school to create prescriptive learning paths based on diagnostic assessments within the program. This allows students to receive the targeted instruction they need based on their level of content mastery. 


The high school plans on expanding the program to include summer school credit recovery and hybrid initiatives.

Alternative Programs

Cook High School also utilizes Odysseyware for its alternative school students. Alignment with state standards and the curriculum allows them to get back on board at the main high school. In fact, this alignment has allowed Mr. Yody to coordinate with other neighboring schools that utilize Odysseyware to more easily transfer students when the need arises.


Cook High School’s graduation rate has steadily increased since the implementation of an alternative program each year since 2007. They have led 17 local area high schools with a score of 77.7 on the Career and College Readiness Performance Index, an increase from the 2012 score of 73.9 and the top high school score in the area.

Cook County School District

Adel, GA

  • 57% free or reduced lunch program
  • 55.19% White
  • 35.14% Black
  • 6.6% Hispanic
  • 1% Asian
  • 850 Students enrolled

Cook High School’s graduation rate has steadily increased since the implementation of an alternative program

"What my students like as compared to other programs is they feel they have more control over their progress in Odysseyware and can easily go back and review material. One of the best things is seeing the students I’ve worked with graduating."

Ray Yody, Cook High School, Media Director