Case Studies

West Point, KY

West Point, KY

West Point Independent began using Odysseyware for the 2016-17 school year, following a pilot. The district needed assistance in identifying students struggling academically and then prescribing personalized learning paths to meet their needs. Odysseyware with the NWEA integration was chosen to offer students credit recovery, engage younger students in high-school advancement, and offer more opportunities for learning in non-traditional ways.

Tags: NWEA, MAP Growth, individualized learning paths, intervention, remediation

Fannin County High School

Blue Ridge, GA

Through relentless focus on student achievement, instilling a culture of success and college readiness, and leveraging instructional technology, Fannin County High School has increased its graduation rate by 25.2%. 

Tags: credit recovery, increased graduation rates, summer school, virtual, online learning, remediation, first-time credit, after school

Highlands County School District

Sebring, FL

Since the 2011-12 school year, the Highlands County School District has utilized Odysseyware in their three high schools and four middle schools for credit recovery and as the core curriculum for their alternative school. The district looked at several programs, and Odysseyware best met their needs.

Tags: Credit Recovery Mode, customized learning pathways, credit recovery, alternative program, remediation, middle school, high school, increased graduation rates

Fayetteville High School & ALLPS Center

Fayetteville, AR

Technology and Blended Learning meet diverse student needs and increase academic achievement.  Mission: To provide personalized learning programs and instruction to improve student mastery and increase graduation rates.

Tags: Credit Recovery Mode, Special Education assessment and diagnostics, Customized learning pathway, Test Prep, AR, Fayetteville

Marvin W Foote Youth Services Center

Englewood, CO

Facilitated by Cherry Creek School District staff, Marvin W Foote Youth Services Center is a maximum-security establishment designed to hold youth who are preadjudicated and awaiting disposition on their charges. Serving an average of 40 to 60 juveniles at any given time, students range in age from 10 to 18 years old and can be in the facility for as little as an hour or up to two years.

Tags: youth services center, prescriptive learning paths, customization, credit accural, Credit Recovery Mode, GED test prep, intervention

United ISD

Laredo, TX

United Independent School District (ISD) is located in Laredo, Texas—a border town with Mexico. Despite multiple challenges, the district’s graduation rates have steadily improved in recent years.

Tags: ell embedded supports, teacher authoring tool, customized learning pathways, sped, ELL

St. Tammany Parish Public School System

St. Tammany Parish, LA

Increased consistency and access for students with Odysseyware® digital curriculum. The A3 Virtual Academy program provides courses and opportunities for credit recovery for a range of students---including struggling and homebound learners.

Tags: credit recovery, virtual school, learning pathway, customized, multi-media, LA, St. Tammany Parish Public School System

Connects Learning Center

Cudahy, WI

Connects Learning Center serves grades 9 to 12 from 4 surrounding high schools. Students apply for admissions to take part in self-paced learning and receive a more individualized approach to earning their diploma.

Tags: Alternative Programs, CTE, ELL, SPEC, Alternative School

Miner Academy

Bauxite, AR

Bauxite School District created the Miner Academy to increase the graduation rate and address the needs of all learners, especially those for whom the traditional school environment was not a good fit.

Tags: blended learning, credit recovery, intervention, summer school, accelerated courses, charter school, increased graduation rates

Moreno Valley Online Academy

Moreno Valley, CA

Dr. Tammy Guzzetta, principal of Moreno Valley Online Academy, works closely with a team of five instructors and students’ parents to ensure students meet necessary requirements to stay on track for graduation.

Tags: Adult Education, Test Prep, virtual school, Moreno Valley, CA